Plastic Straw, Stirrer and Lid

Gourmet Lid:
The Gourmet Lid allow extra space for forth or whipped cream for gourmet hot beverages. The inner ring reduces pop-off incidents, providing a more secure lid fit and reducing dribble at the rim and cup seam.

PET Plastic Dome Lid:
Clear PET Plastic Lid provide excellent clarity and an enticing view of the cups contents. Use them for crushed ice drinks, fruit and milk shakes ( any time where the contents may go over the rim.)

Clear PS Flat Lid with Straw Slot:
Clear Polystyrene Plastic gives these lids excellent clarity and provide enticing view of the cup’s contents.

  • Folding Straw

  • Leaf Straw

  • Slid Angle Straw

  • Jumbo Straw

  • Coffe Stirrer with Straw (Triple Hole)

  • Coffe Stirrer with Straw (Double Hole)

  • Wooden Stirrer

  • Drinks Lid 250 ML

  • Coffee Lid 250 ML

  • Drinks Lid 350 ML

  • Coffee Lid 350 ML

  • Dome Lid 350 ML